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Be Washington: Do you have what it takes to lead like George Washington?

Be Washington is a first-person interactive leadership experience. Come face to face with challenges that George Washington confronted as commander in chief or president in four key scenarios. Host a game and control the pace of individuals, or play as a single player. This game is COPPA compliant.

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The Battle of Second Trenton

The 1777 Battle of Second Trenton was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Washington needed to determine if he was going to boldly face the British, or if he was going to retreat with his troops to avoid another costly battle with Cornwallis.

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The Newburgh Conspiracy

The 1783 Newburgh Conspiracy almost threatened the Confederation Congress. Washington needed to decide what to do with the Continental Army officers challenging his authority, and how to save the newly formed United States of America.

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The Genet Affair

The 1793 Genet Affair threatened the United State's peace with Britain and France. Washington had to decide how to navigate an intense diplomatic situation while maintaining a fragile new country.

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The Whiskey Rebellion

The 1794 Whiskey Rebellion threatened the unity of the new country. Washington struggled with containing the rebels and controlling the country's debts.

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