Mount Vernon is open 365 days a year, including Christmas Day.

George Washington's Mount Vernon is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all guests who visit us. Get an overview of the many services and accessibility options available at Mount Vernon.

Interpretive Assistance
Service Animals
Sensory Friendly Recommendations


Parking is free.

Designated accessible parking spaces are available at the front of all our parking lots.

For visitors with limited mobility, we suggest taking advantage of the curbside drop-off area on the traffic circle and nearby benches. Transportation is not provided between the parking lots & the main entrance to the Estate.


The accessible route to our main entrance gate is equipped with hand rails, intermediate landings and is located on the far left hand side path.

Ford Orientation Center & Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center are fully accessible.

Historic Area

The most accessible path to the house is located along the north lane.

The first floor of the Mansion is accessible.

Our historic area has many areas with uneven terrain and steep inclines.

Sightseeing Cruises

Sightseeing cruises are provided by partner company boats, which may or may not be accessible to those with different needs, depending on weather, equipment & tides.

Please inquire on the day of your visit for more specific accessibility information.

Shuttle Busses (April - October)

Seasonal Shuttle Busses are available to the wharf & Farm Site and will drop off and pick up at the edge of the Historic area. The Shuttle does not go directly to the Mansion or any of the historic sites. 

Our Shuttles are equipped with a wheelchair lift and can accommodate up to 2 wheelchairs.

Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant

The Mount Vernon Inn is accessible through the gift shop during open hours or through the bar entrance in the evening.

Wheelchair & Walkers

Motorized electric scooters used as mobility devices are welcome on the Estate. Please contact us about the use of other mobility devices.

Standard, non-motorized wheelchairs and wheeled walkers are available free of charge inside the Ford Orientation Center on a first come, first-served basis.

Our Shuttles are equipped with a wheelchair lift and can accommodate up to 2 wheelchairs.

Interpretive Assistance

Descriptive Tour

Guests who require a descriptive tour of the Mansion can arrange for one by emailing, by calling 703.780.2000. 

Audio Tour

Our audio tour is available through our mobile website at MapMyVisit, which can be accessed on your personal device or devices available onsite.

American Sign Language (ASL)

Guests interested in a tour with an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter can do so by contacting or by calling 703.780.2000

ASL interpreters are third party contractors and services are based on their availability. We ask for one-week minimum to make arrangements. 

ASL interpreters are available for Mansion Tours, visiting the Washington family tomb, and for our public specialty tours. 


Captioning services are available with:

All onsite films

For the introductory film in the Ford Orientation Center, please inquire with the usher for rear window captioning device.

Tours Upon Request

We can provide live transcription services for the Mansion tour and for Specialty tours.

Assistive Listening

Devices for amplification upon request for:

  • Onsite films
  • Selected evening programs 

Large Print Maps/Braille Books

Large print maps are available onsite.

Braille books are available at the Guest Services desk for orientation purposes.

Color Accessibility

A limited number of glasses for color blindness are available free of charge inside the Ford Orientation Center on a first come, first served basis.


Accessible Restrooms are located at:

  • Ford Orientation Center
  • North Lane in the Historic Area
  • Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center
  • Vaughn Lobby
  • Mount Vernon Inn

Family Restrooms are located at:

  • North Lane in the Historic Area
  • Mount Vernon Inn

Other Restrooms are located at:

  • Farm Site
  • Lower level at the Mount Vernon Inn

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at Mount Vernon.

Sensory Experiences

Admission Tickets

When you arrive at Mount Vernon, purchase admission at the ticket window.

If you have purchased tickets online, then your group may proceed directly to enter the Ford Orientation Center.

Security Screening

All guests will be screened though our security system upon entry to the Estate.  Each person will go through the upright towers at the entrance to the Ford Orientation Center.  The towers emit a very soft constant hum. A Mount Vernon staff member will inspect any bags or items that trigger an alert from our security system.

If anyone in your group has difficulty waiting, you are welcome to bring fidgets, music headphones, a manipulative toy or other equipment that may be helpful. 

View bag inspection policy 

Ford Orientation Center

The Ford Orientation Center is a large open space with big windows. Some of the floor spaces are marble and some are carpeted.

This building can be incredibly busy and loud.

Orientation Film

Occasionally, the orientation film will be announced on the speaker system. The film is about 11 minutes long. You are welcome to skip this experience. Preview the film by visiting our Things to Do page. 

Brick and Gravel Paths

In the historic area, there are brick and gravel paths. Both the brick and gravel paths vary in evenness.

If it is raining, the gravel path may become muddy and the bricks can be slippery.


In Mansion, the floors guests pass through are carpeted.

The first floor of the Mansion is wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, portions of the second floor are dark and tight. If anyone in your group is not able to or is not comfortable with visiting the second floor, they may wait on the first floor.

The virtual tour of the Mansion is available to view before or after the visit. 

Other Floors

The buildings that guests pass through to exit the estate have both marble and carpeted floor spaces.

Near the exit by the food court, the marble floor is in the design of a map of the estate.

Quiet Spaces

While Mount Vernon does not have a permanent sensory break space, if anyone in your party needs a quiet space for a break, please ask a Mount Vernon staff member where an appropriate location would be.

A room for Infant Care is available for nursing infants.  Please inquire at the Guest Services Desk in the Vaughan Lobby, located just outside the Food Court and The Shops at Mount Vernon. 


Mount Vernon has many animals, which may make noises without notice. Animals are relocated throughout the estate seasonally, check with Mount Vernon staff should you wish to find them or avoid them during your visit.

Museum & Education Center

The Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center exhibits have varying noise levels.

Throughout both exhibits, there are films for guests to watch. Films such as Be Washington and the Revolutionary War Theater are extremely loud.  Be Washington is available to view before or after your visit. 


Museum & Education Center

Light levels in the Museum & Education Center exhibits will vary in brightness. Some areas contain video, as well as flashing lights.


Light levels in the Mansion will vary by time of day and season.


Restrooms are available throughout the estate. Please note that the hand dryers in the restrooms are very loud.

While there is no designated public family/companion care restroom, two first aid rooms are available for guests who may need companion care.

One is in the historic area and one is located near the estate exit by the Food Court Pavilion.

Please ask a Mount Vernon staff member for access to either room.

Farm & Wharf

The Farm Site and the Wharf are adjacent to the bank of the Potomac River. In the interest of safety, guests are not permitted to step past the rope line along the riverbank.

If you would like to avoid the river while visiting the farm, please consider approaching the farm via the guest shuttle and requesting to stop by the 16-sided barn.

Alternatively, guests are welcome to use the Forest Trail, which is not wheelchair accessible.

Social Narratives

Please check the calendar prior to your visit to confirm the schedule of daily activities and tours, as some are available for specific days and times. 

Please note Mount Vernon regularly conducts preservation work which may affect the accessibility of certain experiences. Check the ongoing restoration projects page for the latest information. 

The daily schedule is subject to change.

Guests are welcomed to use the I Spy Scavenger Hunt to keep track of what they see during the visit.

Visit our Sensory Friendly Family Morning page if you are searching for information specific to that program.

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